Soaked in the Spirit

Soaked in the Spirit

To my  brothers and sisters, all who are loved by God and called to be his holy people: Grace and peace to you in the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Over the last two months, I’ve shared a portion of the dream God revealed. This month, I want to continue into its heart and share what that means for you and me.

Scene two began like this. I was standing outside in a parking lot during a great downpour. Many others were there too. Remarkably, no one ran from the rain. It was a healing rain, and it soaked everyone to the bone. Continue reading

Be All In!

Guest Musician Sunday


Jeremy Kunkle “in the house”

This Sunday, we have the privilege of being led in worship by a guest musician at the 9:30 contemporary service by one of Toledo’s own: Jeremy Kunkle. Jeremy was a founding member of “This Beautiful Republic” and now currently plays on the praise team at Vineyard Church in Perrysburg.

We hope to see you this Labor Day Sunday at 9:30 AM in worship and praise to our Lord God.


Completely. Committed. Followers

Join a Bible study or more this fall

This fall, we want to give you every opportunity to be a completely, committed, follower of Jesus Christ. We’ll be offering an array of Bible Studies and other such opportunities for you to grow deeper in your faith, and how our faith is impacting our culture. Here’s what’s coming. Sign-up over the next few weeks.

GENESIS: Join Rob Harden on Sunday mornings at 9:30 in the Conference Room to walk through the Book of Genesis.

NOT A FAN: Take a six-week journey that will deepen your relationship with Jesus. Find out if you’re truly following Jesus or just a fan. Tuesdays at 7PM: Fellowship Hall. Starting September 23.

ADDICTED TO JESUS: Gather with others to dive deep into the bible and to explore your faith in a whole new way. Tuesdays at 7PM: Room 101. Ongoing

FAITH IN FILM: “God’s Not Dead.” “Heaven is For Real.” “Noah.”  Hollywood has been reeling with new films about faith. Join Pastor Jason this fall to watch these new movies, then discuss the impact they’re having on our culture in the weeks following…best part: it’s FREE!  Wednesdays at 7PM: Sanctuary. October 1 though November 19

Iron Dome of Love and Prayer

Iron Dome of Love and Prayer

I hope this note finds you well, living in the grace and peace of Jesus Christ.

Recently, over the last few weeks, St. Paul’s has come under intense, spiritual attack. Over the last 48 hours, in my gut, I’ve felt the need to share what we’re encountering.

Like the recent war in Israel, our enemy the devil, has been sending a constant barrage of spiritual rockets our way. He’s much like Hamas: a terrorist who attacks from homes, hospitals, and from behind human shields. Over the recent weeks, he’s been attacking us in much this way. His attacks are causing many to become weary—maybe even you. Continue reading

Adventurous Courage

Adventurous Courage

The Apostle Paul began his letter to the Ephesians with this: “May God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ give you grace and peace” (Eph 1:2). To you, I offer the same.

Last month, I wrote about the Healing Rain I believe is coming soon. In that, I shared briefly about a dream given me, one God instructed me to record. Over the next few months, I’ll be sharing that dream and its meaning. Continue reading

Healing Rain

Healing Rain

“Sorry for the rain mates.” Everywhere we ventured, our British friends apologized for the rain. It was practically comical. I mean, it’s England right? And in England, it rains often, and it rains hard. Now, about that rain… Continue reading