Jason and Danielle

Total Nerd!

Well, maybe I’m not a TOTAL nerd, but I’m close. (I can laugh at myself too). I know this sounds cliche, but I do believe a picture is worth a thousand words… as am I and you!

My kids are amazing. Honestly, they’ve been my inspiration. But now they’re all grown-up. (I feel SO old). One’s an officer in the Navy, one a Sophomore at Miami University, and the youngest is Freshman at the University of Cincinnati. Goodness time flies!

Before wanting to take my passion for capturing life into something more, I spoke for a living. Not long ago, I served as a pastor. Before then, lots of things. Through it all, I’ve been a husband, dad, band-geek, musician, creative-type, sea-faring Navy swabee, and all around nerd who just loves life, the universe, and everything in it. (Did ya catch the reference?). Besides have the honor of photographing so many great people, I own and manage a small digital marketing agency in Toledo focused on faith-based organizations. Check it out here!

Let me capture you as I see you to show the world how wonderful you truly are!

HERE’S HOW…. click the link below!